Sunday, October 31, 2010

Seeing Light: Phase 2

Starting with a 2" x 4" x 18" piece of wood, we were to create a system of part. We had to cut the wood at least five times and all pieces cut had to be used, and of course we could not use any glues or nails. 

I was excited to work with all the wood tools available to us. I started by cutting my first piece up on different machines so I could see how they handled and worked.

I was shown the technique of connecting wood together using a spline. You cut groves into two pieces of wood that are to be attached and with a small piece of wood wedged into the groves, it is held together. I used this method to connect all my pieces. When I think of a system I think of symmetry so I rolled with that thought.

It was difficult working with the splines because of the small pieces. Not all of them are fitted snug together but im glad they did all fit. I was pleased with my end product although I would have really liked to be able to use glue so that everything was more secure.