Monday, November 1, 2010


I was having trouble drawing light through glass but with a lot of erasing and focus I was able to understand it a little better. I drew this small glass bottle mostly using a 4B pencil. I set it under a soft lamp and really tried to capture the casted shadows and dimension. Unfortunately, I did not plan it out very well on the paper and my shadow ran off the page a bit.

This is another glass sketch I did but i thought it turned out more successful then the other ones. I like how you can "see" through the vase showing that it is in fact glass. 

This is a sketch of my wood structure. I struggled with this because of the point of view, I usually automatically draw things as if im looking down upon it. I thought it was successful in showing the shape. I drew this at the studio using a 2B pencil.

Wood sketch by Chelsea Epes
I really liked this sketch done my Chelsea because on the perspective. Her project had a lot of different pieces going different ways, I think she portrayed it very well here.

Cup sketch by Christine Lumans
I chose this sketch that Christine did because I think she does a great job showing that the object is clear. I struggle with that a lot so I enjoyed looking through her sketches to see how it is done.