Sunday, October 31, 2010

Seeing Light: Phase 1

Assignment: observe a natural solar light phenomenon, create a record of the phenomenon with pictures, drawings, and a diagrammatic model.

I took this picture while I was walking on campus one afternoon. I thought the leaf was really beautiful and I loved how the sun made it look like it was on fire. My favorite part was how along the veins of the leaf, there is a dark red color that looks like watercolor bleeding on paper. I used that detail to create my drawing part of the record, using watered down acrylic paint I made drips on paper to try and recreate the "bleeding" appearance. 
I also really liked the different layers of colors. I colored squares of thick paper and cut it up into square pieces. For the diagrammatic model I used these color squares to show the different layers. We had to fit all of our records on a 16" x 16" cold-pressed illustration board, concentrating on the layout.