Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Leo Villareal

What is light?
Light is the form of radiant energy that stimulates the organs of sight, having for normal human vision wavelengths ranging from about 3900 to 7700 angstroms and traveling at a speed of about 186300 miles per second [1]. Simple enough right? I believe light is something that many people take for granted. I have no doubt when I flip a light switch that a light is going to turn on.

Leo Villareal was born in 1967 in New Mexico. His work Combines LED lights and encoded computer programming to create illuminated displays [2].Below (left) is a picture of Villareal's piece, Flowers, that was displayed in the Marc Selwyn gallery in Los Angeles. Villareal used his own software to create his art and this exhibit references to the sophisticated Dan Flavin who was a florescent light artist.
Flavin, untitled [4]

Flowers, 2005 [3]

 Below is one of Villareal's permanent installations located in New York for the Albright-Knox Museum of Art Buffalo [5].

I mostly enjoy watching the videos of Villareal's light works. He can catch the viewers attention and hold it. I have found myself starring at these videos mesmerized my the colors, patterns, and flow. Below are two of my favorite videos of his. His work seems very complex but the amazing finished product must make it all worth while.