Friday, October 14, 2011

assignment 004

elements + principles of design

texture has been one of the main elements the IOB group has been focusing on. there are hundreds of other things to constantly be taking into consideration but i feel as if it all comes back to texture and pattern. with that always in mind, the other elements of design begin to come into play, as well as the principles of design. we have been working with using texture to create an initial circulation/path/line that would be taken through the space. we decided to use more of a warm color scheme because we believe it will help the most with emphasizing the textures and would be more appropriate for creating a more welcoming space. a challenge we have been dealing with is maintaining unity through the lobby space all the way through to the factory and cafeteria areas. one of the forms we have been incorporating into the design is the hexagon and the shapes within. we are also trying out many different scales of the texture and patterns.