Friday, September 30, 2011

assignment 003

After our lovely Washington dc trip, followed the not-so-lovely speech assignment. Well at least in my experience. I thought it was extremely helpful to make such a formal presentation because I was able to see where I really needed to work on this semester: public speaking; I also enjoyed hearing what everyone else had to say about the museum and how they approached the challenge of the speech. I began planning my speech out I made many lists of key points I thought were important enough to talk about when comparing and contrasting the museums. I also made a list for each museum individually, on how the materials and structures used help represent the buildings and what they contained. Narrowing it down to one I thought worked really well, I wrote the speech down in more detail.
            I thought the presentations given by the speaking center were a little helpful, especially the second one when they gave us a packet of information. It helped me remember the structure of a formal presentation; I thought this important because it can be applied to the presentations we have to give in class for our final projects. I do not think I would go to the speaking center for help but I did appreciate what they did.
            For my next presentation, I want to plan a little better; I have never been one of those people who can just “wing” a speech at any given time. I will also practice a lot more so I can be more familiar with the flow of the words and not get choked up or nervous when presenting.