Tuesday, September 6, 2011

diagramming: industries of the blind


I remember when I first moved to Greensboro a little over a year now and my brother Kyle and I when on a bike ride around town. We crossed town and after a ride through UNCG campus, we headed home, via Lee Street. As we were passing by the mysterious building to my left, I asked Kyle, “hey, what happens in that building?” He has lived in Greensboro for the past seven years and he had no idea what happen at the industries of the blind. Now I have had the pleasure of viewing and learning about this building myself. When I first re-approached the building, and the previous memory quickly passed through my head, I felt the mysterious feeling pulse from the building yet again. I walked in and nothing was too memorable until the interesting plant scene going on underneath the stairwell. Fake plastic plants. As a class, we made our way to the conference room where we were going to meet Mr. Lopresti. He was very energetic about the employees who worked there and he wanted to get their story out. He seemed very excited to have us, I was very intrigued and could not wait to see the rest of the building and meet some of the employees. He led us down to the factor area and we were able to observe some of the workers hard at work. I enjoyed how enthused they were about their jobs. I was so glad I was able to view this place and meet some of the employees within.



occasions: factory, meetings, deliveries
players: employees, companies, buyers, clients
resources: offices, conference rooms, bathrooms
surroundings: stairwell, lobby, conference room, gift shop, hallways, bathrooms