Sunday, August 28, 2011

diagramming: weatherspoon art museum

it all began in the parking lot, when i approached the building i couldnt take my eyes off the black gates that marked the entry to the museum. weaving through the sculpture garden i couldnt help but noticing the dark shadows that a lot of the objects were casting. the shadows stood out and they all seemed to be directing me to the glass doors that would take me inside the building. i enter the building into a cool, quiet area with the restrooms to my left and another set of doors that lead me into the main area. i walk into the lobby and immediately notice the change in the lighting. the lobby area is brighter then anywhere else, there are many students observing but it is still very quiet. i look to the floor and realize i can see everything and everyone reflected on the shiny, dark floor. i make my way to the darker hallway that has a large window at the other end, letting the sunlight pour through. there are galleries and classrooms along the hallway. i turn around and walk through the lobby once again and toward the stairs. passing the main desk i notice the bright light coming from my right and see the other entrance to the museum. i head back toward the lobby, out the glass doors, through the sculpture garden, to the parking lot when it all began.


i was constantly fascinated by the reflections of everything through out the museum, it sometimes seemed there was an entire other museum below my feet. i wanted my diagram to be a representation of these reflections.

occasions: exhibitions, films, lectures, public tours, workshops
players: patrons, director, curators, staff, security, maintenance
resources: gift shop, classes, events
surroundings: gift shop, benches, art