Monday, August 29, 2011

diagramming: greensboro historical museum

after i put some coins in the meters, i walked along the side of the museum following the path of the sidewalk. there was a sign on the corner of the street with an arrow that pointed to the direction in which the museum was from that point, i followed it left. when approaching the main entrance the first thing that caught my eye was the massive banners that hung on either side of the doors, i then proceeded to notice the large arch that framed the door. i walked in the building and my eyes bounced from place to place immediately. i walked towards the small desk slightly to my right, turned to the stairs on my rights but quickly turned around and whet the other way. the bright banners lead me along the curved wall to the opposite side of the lobby. i weaved through the main lobby quickly and found myself back to the desk area faster then i had expected. i quickly realized that the museum had no sense of direction once i entered from outside. there was no hierarchy, balance, or emphasis on the main features/areas in the space. i initially felt lead to the stairs but quickly realized the entire other side of the lobby; the curved walls took me in one direction, when the bright colored banners lead me in the opposite direction when i began reading them. once i stopped and really look around at the structure i was standing in, i began to see details that really stood out. for instance, the curving walls that wrapped around the entire space like a ribbon and ran into the twisting staircase that directed my eyes to the massive windows that let light pour through them onto the... interesting colored wallpaper. i felt as if the walls had a sense of movement and flow that could potentially used as a way to direct  people through the space, or at least an idea of the path that should be taken.



occasions: group tours/field trips, public tours, exhibits, research, performance
players: visitors, staff, actors, security, maintenance
resources: exhibits, gift shops, shows
surroundings: banners, staircase, exhibits, reception desk, elevator, auditorium