Friday, February 4, 2011

A Week Full of Color

Week two of this semester consisted of one thing: COLOR! We had to order Color-aid paper offline to participate in color week. The box of paper included 220, silk-screen, pressed pieces of paper. In class we began by looking at some artist who use color in their compositions often. Some key point we were to focus on during this week were perception, relativity, interaction, interdependence, alignment, field of light, and dimensions. 

Composition 1: we began by finding the middle color for two colors of our choice.

Composition 2: overlap of two colors.

Composition 3: finding middle color of four colors using one common mixer.

Composition 4: finding the middle color of three colors combined.

Composition 5: we created our color pallet. Using the techniques from the previous compositions, we middle mixed all the colors we chose.

Composition 6: final projects; using the color pallet we created, we had to compose four squares that signified the four seasons. Mine go in the order of winter, spring, summer, and fall.