Saturday, February 5, 2011

Social Networking Product: Computer Table Top

After researching and discussing the trends of social networking around the world, we were asked to create an indoor product that would support or enhance social networking activities. I personally have always been very fascinated with technology and it future. However, I only dabble in social networking such as facebook. I wanted to try and create something that would expand the technology we have today, instead of creating something completely unheard of. I think the idea of touch screen electronics is brilliant so I went from that idea. I began with the idea of having a computer desk and the top surface was not only the desk but also a computer. It would be fully touch screen, and you would be able to surf the web and at the same time have your books on top of it to do homework.

While making the parti (above) for class, I decided to develop that idea into having more than just a desk serve as a computer. Why not have the dinning room table, kitchen table, coffee table, and side tables double as a computer as well? From there I branched out even more. Businesses would be able to use it in conference rooms, or schools could have the students’ desks connected to the big screen during lectures. 

After the parti we had to make a model of the product we created. I chose to make the desk because it was my initial product and most of the table tops computers would look similar.

Using balsa wood, card stock, and glass squares I created a model. I did not want people to immediately think the entire surface would be a computer so I made the middle portion the computer, as shown above.

 The desk you not be limited to only laying flat or at an angle so I made it adjustable. To the left, is an example of the desk at a slight angle; and to the right it is laying flat.

I think this product would enhance the use of social networking because it is having a computer as arms reach at almost all times. Having to do the research on the table top technology, it has come to my attention that Microsoft is actually creating prototypes for ideas like this already. Maybe in the near future we will all be designing projects on our touch screen desks.