Sunday, January 30, 2011

Social Media in Denmark

When doing research on the social media and social networking that is happening in Denmark, I was surprised to see how much there was there. Social networking has been around for as long an I can remember and now it is a part of everyday life all around the world. Social media and networking are use to have business meetings and connecting with people who share common interest with each other.

In 2009, Ice News posted an article stating that Denmark is the nation with the most users on the famous social networking website, Facebook. More than a third of Denmark's web users have a profile on Facebook, ranking them number one among the world's countries. Social networking in Denmark is huge; like the US, facebook is not the only networking site in Denmark.

However, Denmark did not stop at facebook, there is social media clubs, public relations ran online, and in 2009 Denmark became the first country to use social media to increase its country's international export. PRLog (press release) posted the article about this site, Dabgo, saying that it is a true national globalization strategy to not only increase export opportunities and its citizens career opportunities, but also minimize its countries brain drain.
Denmark is constantly progressing with their way of social media, and helping its citizens to easily share information or simply chat with each other. They have also taken the people who travel to Denmark into consideration. In may of 2010, a new site was launched called; it is a way to teach travelers about Denmark's history and to enjoy walking tours. There are short stories that were created by Danish scholars and journalist; the stories can be read or listened to on cell phones and GPS's. The main attractions of Denmark are included on the site as well as some locally know spots most people would think to visit like where Denmark's first traffic light is located or is most traditional danish restaurant. 
1001 tales of Denmark

The map to the left, is the map that is on the main page of the website and can easily be downloaded straight to a GPS or a cell phone. It has numbers all over it that the viewer can click on and be directed to the short story about that site (right).