Sunday, January 30, 2011

light box

For our first studio project this semester, we were challenged to build a box, 12"x12"x18" with one 12"x12" end left open, and using a light source create 4 divided spaces within the box. The box had to have a white interior and we were to make various cuts and opening in the box to shine the light through. When I first got the project I thought it was going to be remotely easy, it did not take me long to realize that this had nothing to do with easy.
I started by building the box and cutting lines and shapes into all the sides to experiment with the way the light shown through. I was using foam board and the multiple layers would give the light a different look, like there were layers in the light too. As shown above, I used electrical tape to cover up some cuts make "scars" in the walls. Cutting and "L" shape into one side (left) made the light shine through as a lightning bolt, or zip-zag shape. 
I wanted to explore a few more openings and I had the thought of curves in my head so I tried that (left). I made the curved cut outs in the back end of the box only. I really liked the light spaces it created, unfortunately there were to many "spaces". I cut the singe arch-shape into the side and was very pleased with the light inside the box and how the corners divided the curve. I wanted to change the material to cardboard at that point because in my opinion it is easier and looks better when cutting out curves.

I remade the box with new foam core however, I replaced the back piece of the box with cardboard. I then made the single, slightly curved opening into the back of the box (above). I really enjoyed the triangular light space it created so I branched off that idea. I replicated that opening just a little above the first cut (left). The second part of the assignment was to add white bristol board and/or bamboo skewers to "articulate/modulate" the planes (below). I used two LED flashlights that had different colored light and created a really interesting light. 
I kept the bristol board simple because I did not want it to change the light up too much. During the most of the project process, I had an idea of juxtaposing the light, the cuts, and the box, when I looked at the light made I felt that it did just that. 

We also had to include a scale figure (right) for the presentation to get an idea of how large the space would be and what it would possibly be used for. Although it was a complicated project (especially when presenting it), I was excited to be challenged that way in a confined space but broad instructions. Overall I was very satisfied with the end results and cant wait to see what else is going to happen this semester.