Tuesday, January 18, 2011

it's a new year, with a new blog header!

With new assignments rolling in, we began our new year in design visualization 112 with making a new header for our blog. I was excited to get rid of the old one and have a new one that was more up-to-date. We had to start by finding a font on the computer that would compliment our design aesthetic and point of view.  The point of this assignment was not only to improve the look of our blogs but to design a header that represents us as a designer, using what we learned last semester.

I found an interesting font online called future is back, I really liked this font because of the flow feeling it has. I am very particular when it comes to my own hand writing so I have a longing appreciation for writing that has a more casual feel to it but is constant in its appearance. The design I created around my name was inspired by one of my favorite graffiti artist, J. Joana. She paints beautiful silhouettes usually but always has accents of swirls. I love her style and I am fascinated how she does more of it with a spray paint bottle on the side of a huge building. I am influenced by her regularly and am constantly thinking of ways to differently interpret her work. I am getting really excited for the semester and can wait to see all the things we do this year.