Wednesday, December 8, 2010

4th Year Studio: Vance Chavis Library

On the last day of class we were broken up into groups and went to different studios critiques. I had the honor of sitting in on the fourth year studio. It was exciting to see the project they had developed and get an idea of the type of things I may be doing in just a few years if not sooner.

The students were to develop a renovation plan for The Vance Chavis Library. The students began this process by visiting the existing building to see what worked and what did not. They also worked with the community a lot, talking with library employees, volunteers, and visitors. They took into consideration what the community would like to see happen with the library and were faced with many ideas and many problems. Their main conflicts were dealing with the lighting and creating more natural lighting, the location of the children's area, and the stability (green roof, recycled water).  They also wanted to focus on preserving the history of the building and who Vance Chavis was.

It started with five students presenting the final product, I thought it was interesting how it was all one big project that joined all the student and made them work together. There was 16 student on the entire project, the final project presentation was set up in the front of the room with the 5 presenting students. Around the other walls there were more detailed presentations, were the other students were to answer any individual questions. they had said that their biggest problem with working with a large group was the lack of communication between each other. They established email chains to keep in contact as much as they could.