Monday, March 12, 2012

expanding knowledge...

As fascinated as I am with computer-based design programs, I have had difficulty keeping up with all the commands, shortcuts, tips and tricks. However, after a little game of catch up I have finished organizing my notes and thoughts. I have found it very helpful to have an area in my sketchbook where I can scribble down certain commands and reminders in reference to the different programs I am working with. 

I have had the least experience in sketchup but I did feel as if it had a much more simple set up then photoshop and illustrator, which I appreciated. I would like to just keep exploring this program and learning the commands in order to become more efficient. In fact, this is really what I desire to do for all three of these programs. I have the most experience in photoshop but it is still scarce. I know it’s about dedicating time and patients into it and that is exactly what I tend on doing. I want to know when its best to use what program and why; I know the very basics of each so I think that when I have learned more about each program then the differences will be easily seen.

I have always said I wanted to have a good grasp on the digital realm in design and I know what needs to be done for me to attain this. Technology/computers has always been a strong point of mine but I feel as if I have been holding myself back in learning these programs. I would say in the end I would like to be a master at photoshop, illustrator, and sketchup:)