Friday, November 4, 2011

blog assignment 005

at the industries of the blind lighting is something that is extremely important not only to illuminate a space but it may be used as a way finder for some of the people who are visually impaired. scott richardson paid us a visit and was very helpful in terms of what to look for/ think about when designing the lighting for the spaces.

how will natural and artificial lighting improve your space?
there is a lack of windows throughout the space so artificial lighting is the main source of light. with artificial lighting we have more control of the lighting through out the space; however, in my opinion, nothing beats that good ol' sunshine.

will you use focal lighting to direct people?
i think it is necessary for us to use key elements of the design, texture and/or lighting , as way-finding idea for people who are both blind and those who are not. not to mention our tessellating shapes that will have multiple affects with the lighting and shadows when hit with a direct light source.

how will you create moments of interest within your space using light?
we were were looking at our tessellating shape we realized it would be a good idea to incorporate a light source with in the shapes that make up the pattern. we will have to be displaying some of the products that the IOB sells for visitors and people of interest, we were thinking of a frame/outline around the products in order to make people want to look there.