Tuesday, April 5, 2011


My favorite structure that we visited this past weekend was Frank Lloyd Wrights, Falling Water. Wrights distinctive design characteristics pulsed from the entire house and its surroundings; the connection of people and nature, several colors that are repeated through out the house, the “modern” building outline of angles and corners, and many more key elements that have the Wright “style”. The fact that there is a running waterfall that embraces the house is what makes it breathtaking. Wright included multiple terraces around the house so that the beautiful waterfall can be seen from many angles. I loved the “exploding window walls” and that every door and window could be opened to let in the natural sunlight and cool breeze. As I walked through out the rooms, I was constantly trying to imagine living there as if it were an everyday thing. Fascinating, amazing, unbelievable… do not even begin to explain this structure; I have always been a fan of Wright, but actually wandering the halls of one of his most iconic houses makes it seem more realistic.
For the Fallingwater diagram I chose to emphasize the room sizes. I noticed that the terraces were large and I believe they were bigger then the indoor spaces. Wright did want the focus on the outdoors, and the large outdoor area seem to draw people to outside.

Monticello was a beautiful structure as well; some things I notices were that the rooms seemed to be a bit cramped and small. I really appreciated the classical style of it; however, the lawn outside was my favorite area. The view of the house from the lawn was one of my favorites, explaining why in my diagram it is the largest space.