Monday, April 18, 2011

Eames Legacy vs. Media Today

Charles and Ray Eames

Today in class we discussed the differences and similarities of Charles and Ray Eames’ legacy and today’s television design stars. In the design world today the Eames name is well known and recognized, the names Candice Olson and David Bromstad do not ring a bell quite as often. These other names are those of HGTV’s, also known as Home and Garden Television, star designers.

Charles and Ray Eames dedicated their lives to design, thus earning themselves a reputable name. On television today it seems to be focused on the least expensive way of designing, or showing that anyone can design. I have high respect for the designer stars of television due to the fact that they were able to work their way up to being a star on television. I have a different and higher respect for well-known designers such as Charles and Ray Eames or Frank Lloyd Wright.

In our group discussions we talked about the meaning of interior design and how we believe education, credentials, and experience may affect/influence interior design. An education can give someone background in the field, one may need experience to get a job opportunity but an education can give someone the opportunity to get an internship and build experience. I believe the media gives design the image of simplicity and with a can-do-attitude anyone can do it; the shows don’t always focus on what a client may desire, instead they pay for the clients to stay in a hotel while they change their house. I’m sure what they do for these people appreciate what they have done for them but I wonder if it is always what they would want. In my classes it is stressed that we should listen to what the client is asking for and that it is not always a personal design choice.