Monday, March 21, 2011

BP9: Coffee and A Movie

(Left) Kaffeehaus Jungling in Vienna, ca. 1838 - (Right) Starbucks Coffee Cups
With the idea of colonial expansion implanted in my head, I could not help but take notice of how much the coffeehouse has impacted our world today. The desire for luxurious foods and items became prominent in the expanding middle class. Coffee originated in Ethiopia and Yemen, and made its was to Europe from Africa. Coffee was primarily commonly associated with politics due to the fact that it was drunk in the new all-male coffeehouses. It was because of the all-male coffeehouses that the coffeehouse became a new kind of establishment that was a public connection to the consumption of the social significant drink.

The idea of the coffeehouse obviously expanded here to the United States; he US embraced the lavishing beverage and if there is no Starbucks in front of you, it is less than a few miles away.

(Left) Vitascope Hall - (Right) Chicago Theatre
As for a place the US has contributed to colonial expansion, one of my favorite places: the movie theatre. Above, to the left, is a picture of the first permanent, purpose-built movie theatre in the world: the Vitascope Hall. The theatre opened in 1896 on Main St., Buffalo, New York. Movie theatres were another form of luxury and entertainment that was accessible and affordable to high and low social classes.

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