Sunday, February 13, 2011

Precedents for Dining

Above is a photograph of the lounge area in the Hotel Dionisio Pestana in Portugal. I saw this photo in a magazine and thought it would be a great space to hold a very extravagant dinner party. I first noticed the ceiling and the large range of colors, then my eyes fall upon the large murals and mirrors on the walls. The space is reminds me of the baroque style but with a modern twist.  I especially enjoy the skylight in the center of the ceiling and the natural light that shines through.

This is a Buddhist monastery that I believe depicts a sense of unity and culture. When I initially received this assignment I did not only want to think of my location, instead I wanted to expand my thoughts internationally. I really enjoy the idea of involving rituals and traditions from around the world. The color of the fabric was very intense; it appears to be from some source of natural light.

The linear pattern on the floor of this restaurant was a very bold choice of the designers, in my opinion. The red and yellow stripped pattern draws the attention to the length and set up of the space. The furniture and dinnerware is all black and white with different styles. With the use of lines and colors, the room has a focus point, the floor, and also gives a sense of direction.

Elle Design magazine