Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dining Space Story

I would like to design a dining area that is calm and welcoming to its guest and will provide a good experience. When I was thinking about ideas of where people like to converse and places people would be relaxed, I decided a dining room in a house would be ideal. People are always talk, weather at the store or while exercising; I personally would rather spend time with my friends at my house or one of their houses so I decided to create a dining space that is located in a house. The dining event to help eradicate hunger is worldwide so instead of placing this house in Paris or India, I decided to have the house right here in good old Greensboro.

I imagine this being a semi-formal dinner party with a group of friends. The dining area is the focal point; however it is connected with the kitchen and living room. I am making the dining area grander than the others in many ways; the ceiling will be highest in this area and it is the biggest room of the three. From the dining area there will be a set of steps that lead to the living room; I wanted to use steps and different ceiling heights to give a person the feeling that the dining area is important and above the others.

The space will have neutral colors that surround the natural wood table in the center of the room as well as the other furnishings. The use of the natural sun light is important to me so I am placing an exterior window wall along the dining and living room that leads outdoors; the glass wall will be able to almost fully open so that the space will be uniting with the nature outside.

I intend to make the design and layout of the space to suggest subtle emphasis on the dining area so that the guest would dominantly be in that area, but with the ability to go into the other rooms without being fully disconnected from the others in the other rooms.