Thursday, September 9, 2010

Plain White Paper

Assignment: create a place for a leaf using a 12.5" x 12.5" plain white piece of paper, lets not forget... no adhesives or attachments. Just PAPER!

When I first tried to come up with the most perfect place in the world for my bamboo leaf I immediately thought of a tree. I know I know very literal. So after a million bad ideas, a few thousand bad mock-ups, I finally realized why I could not achieve what I really wanted.

I was thinking way to complex! I wanted lots of branches and swirls and twists (first picture), and I also wanted my paper to attach itself in magical ways. I took another look at my leaf and paid more attention to the patterns and colors of the leaf. My other ideas were covering up the leaf too much so I went with a simpler route (second and third picture). 

I am very pleased with my final project. The leaf is the main focus now instead of the paper. I decided to make it very geometric to emphasize the shape and uniqueness of the leaf itself. I tend to go crazy over craftsmanship so I do wish I could have used glue to construct the bottom square better, but it still stands up on its own so that is always a plus. Looking at my final project, I can not think of a better place for my bamboo leaf.